Coltin and Megan Cunningham The Story of C.M. Forever Photography

C.M. Forever Photography is a photography studio serving Springfield, Illinois and the surrounding area. It is the creation of husband and wife, Coltin and Megan Cunningham. It all started when Coltin was 15 years old and trying to make a few bucks with his $50 digital camera taking pictures at sporting events. People quickly realized his talent and began asking him to do family, senior, children and even pet photography. Coltin traveled extensively for years covering some of the most prestigious tournaments, competitions and festivals in the Midwest. He quickly developed a passion for photography and has been developing his skills for nearly 15 years. A serendipitous meeting at Red Lobster brought Coltin and Megan together (we will spare you the nauseating details ☺). Since then they have been happily married and have two children they adore! Megan brought her love of art, polished graphic design skills and that ever important “woman’s touch” and took C.M. Forever Photography to the next level. Since launching their studio together in 2008, C.M. Forever Photography has become one of the most sought after “Premier” Photographic Art Studios in Central Illinois.

Coltin / Owner / Photographer

Coltin is an experienced on-location photographer who specializes in fun, sexy, bold portraits. He truly puts clients at ease with his playful, outgoing personality and sense of humor. He has an incredible ability to bring out a mood and emotion with each shot that make prints “jump off the page”. Coltin’s background as a college athlete, Martial Arts Instructor, artist, businessman and family-man give him a unique perspective that he uses to find out who people really are, tailor each session accordingly and bring clients’ pictures to life!

Megan / Owner / Graphic Design Artist

Megan wears many hats with C.M. Forever Photography. She is really the one who makes things happen and gets things done (typical woman of course ☺ ). Megan takes each photo and turns it into the work of art and finished product that our clients treasure forever. She is a lover of vivid, bright colors as is evident in all of her work. Most of her work is done behind the scenes but she prides herself on making sure each client is guided, from beginning to end, to make sure that they are not only thrilled with their pictures and products but also delighted with the ease of the process. Megan and her personal attention to each client is one of the main reasons C.M. Forever has been blessed with many life long clients. If you contact C.M. Forever Photography today she’ll be happy to get you started!

Coltin and Megan Cunningham Preetika / Head Photographer

Preetika joined our photography team this year after relocating from Houston. We were instantly drawn to her optimistic, bubbly personality and genuine love of art. She has an impressive resume and is currently working towards her Master's degree in Fine Art at the University of Illinois. Not only is she a skilled photographer, but she also is an amazing painter and some of her work has been featured on local billboards. Preetika brings with her a long career in professional photography and a reputation for capturing all the lovely details, colors, and unexpected moments of each client's unique personality. One of Preetika's greatest assets is her ability to make her clients feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. You will not want your session with her to end!